At Martin Pescador Lodge, we own and operate all of our properties.  Our guests get the quickest access to the best fishing that the region has to offer.  With shorter drive times, seamless travel days and consistent staff you spend more time on the water and less time packing and driving.  Our diverse program offers three beautiful lodges to create one unforgettable fishing experience.  Owners Frans and Anna Jansen have established a world-class operation of diverse fishing opportunities, wonderful food and accommodations.



Martin Pescador Lodge's focus is to get you out fishing, catching lots of fish and having a great time.  The best way to do this is to have multiple locations and many,many boats! Frans and Anna Jansen have been in the region for over 20 years and have cultivated relationships with landowners to provide private access to water.  The lodge not only offers some of the most diverse fishing in the world, but it provides dining and accommodations to match.


Martin Pescador's program gives anglers the chance to fish out of three different lodges, with direct access to twelve world class rivers, eight lakes, and numerous streams throughout the region. With a reputation for guiding anglers to some exceptionally large trout, Martin Pescador utilizes a combination of jet boats, lake boats, and rafts to ensure access to even the most remote and untouched waters. Careful placement of Martin Pescador's Puerto Cardenas and La Junta Lodges allows for flexible and convenient access to the Yelcho, Futaleufu, Palena, Rosselot, Figueroa, Pico, and other rivers, where you can expect to catch rainbows, browns, sea-run browns, and occasionally salmon and brook trout. A typical week-long itinerary will have you fishing the Largo Yelcho region for three days out of Puerto Cardenas Lodge before transferring to La Junta Lodge on the Rio Rosselot.

At Martin Pescador we have built lodges in several unique locations.  We have over 30 boats in the region to provide our guests with a vast range of fishing options. 

Our 7 day package begins with a 3 day stay at our Puerto Cardenas lodge and is completed with 4 days at our La Junta lodge. In addition, with extended packages and upon request, guests may also stay at our exclusive Lago Verde location.


The experience exceeded our best expectations. The fishing, scenery, cuisine and wine were all top shelf. Our hosts Frans and Anna were cordial and handled our every need courteously and efficiently. Beautiful new lodge.”
— J.S. Middleville, NY