"This was a fly fishing experience that tops all others because of the diversity of lake and river fishing. Big rainbows, big browns. And then the experience at the lodge renewed you for the next day."  

Expert fly fisherman Frans Jansen has used his twenty years of experience in Chilean Patagonia to establish a one of a kind fly fishing program. Professional, English speaking guides using first class equipment will guide you through a broad array of diverse fishing experiences. Martín Pescador Lodge utilizes jet boats, lake boats, rowboats, and rafts to ensure access to even the most remote rivers, lakes, and lagunas. 

Careful placement of Martín Pescador's Puerto Cárdenas, La Junta and Lago Verde lodges allows flexible and convenient access to the Yelcho, Futaleufú, Palena, Rosselot, Figueroa, Pico, and other smaller rivers. There you will catch rainbows, browns, sea-run browns, and occasionally silver or Atlantic salmon, or brook trout. On the rivers you will be changing rods often (wading or drifting), casting big streamers to the banks, and sight fishing for rainbows with small dry flies. Fishing on Lago Yelcho includes casting large dragon fly imitations to the reeds producing incredible takes amid spectacular scenery.