At Martín Pescador, we believe that our lodge is only as good as our staff, and having a diverse community is crucial to the success of our program. To give you the best possible experience, we have built a team of passionate and highly skilled Americans and Chileans who work together to meet your every need. 


With excellent fishing at the core of our mission, we understand that the quality of a fishing guide can often make the difference between having a good time, or the time of your life. As such, we only seek the best and work to provide you with an exceptional vetted guide staff.  With a crew of professional anglers hailing from fishing meccas from Montana to Arkansas, we ensure that you are on the water with enthusiastic teachers and spirited fisherman. 


As it is our goal to give you the best service both on and off the water.  Maintaining a team of both professional chefs from the United States and local Chileans with invaluable knowledge of the area, we work to offer an elevated dining and hospitality experience.